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About our Library

Library Times: K-6 students have library once a week for a twenty-five minute period.

Book Check-out: Kindergarten through 2nd grade students can check out one book a week. Students in grades 3-6 may check out two books a week & one magazine.

Book Care: Books should always be kept in a safe place at home. Food, babies, dogs and water are not friends of books. Students are responsible for the books they check out and need to return them in good shape so other students can enjoy them.

Book Fines: Students with lost or ruined books need to pay for the book before they can check out another one. If all books are not returned at the end of the year, then students will not get to check out the next year. If students move to another school and have missing books, a letter will be sent to their home advising them of the amount due to the school.